This is a chaotic procession of speed drawings, Inktober works, commissions or just random tributes to my masters. 
Gimme the Prize
The Girl who kicked ass [Lisbeth Salander]
There will be a night without a day and a day without a night
Haiku II [Talk to the Wind]
Haiku I [Grus Japonensis]
Just like Leningrad, Hauk
Where is he?
Join the Hunt
The Boat Builder
Shield Wall!
Shield Maiden
A cruel angel's thesis
And because the legacy of her mother is emblazoned like a scarlet letter upon her countenance, she is called KABUKI
The Silent Guardian
He was indeed my enemy. But in time, I named him ally, even friend
I will see you again in next year
Lord of the Flies
Old Boy
So maybe ordinary people don't always crack. Maybe it was just you, all the time
The loom of Dreams
The Shadow Knows
The Shinobi
Gilius Thunderhead
Ax Battler
Death Adder
We are Venom!
You flee my dreams come the morning...
Ziggy played the guitar
If it bleeds, we can kill it
Those eyes... disappeared. But I know one thing, Major...
Cloak and Dagger [Darkness version]
Icon II [Le Belvédère de Paname]
Icon III [Oculus of steel]
The Beast of Darkness
First Flight

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