Repulsor and forearm armor, from "Hexagon"
I have made some concept art pieces as a visual support for the cyberpunk novel, titled "Hexagon".
The Hexagon is a futuristic, brutal sport, based on many current others, set in a dark, gritty world with a take on Malthus theories.
This forearm armor piece for the Hexagon player is rigid and rock solid while the flexible armor covering the rest of the arm is weaker and granting mobility.
The undersuit (in red) is not armored, thus, it is a weak point that can be used by the aggressive hexagoners to take down the opponent.
Hexagon Shangai finals arena - "Fist of Falling Sun", early concept
Hexagon Finals arena are called "Hexadome", and Shangai's one is called "Fist of Falling Sun". Here’s were finals of Hexagon sport are played. My idea was to create something colossal, matching the event it has to hold, with a clear nearly-impossible architecture that dwarfs everything around it.
Hexagon Shangai finals arena - "Fist of Falling Sun", final version
The hue of this concept is red, as the “Shangai Red” is the chromatic choice for the city in my sci-fi take for the citizen’s quarters colours; the cubicles (that can be seen in the background and foreground) are treated with this paint.
Corporations Logos
The corporations and institutions these logos belong to are operating in a near future. The style needed to be both futuristic and familiar, exploiting our subconscious.
A character from the novel "Hexagon". Since red and blue are classical colors for the game, I have used them to add personality to the characters. She is red.
Another character from the novel "Hexagon". Spine is depicted in cold blue, matching his inner spirit.
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